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Foto: Daniël Rommens

Hundreds of international students will gather at UvA and HvA campuses for summer schools

Willem van Ewijk,
23 juni 2017 - 09:48

The UvA and HvA will offer a total of 31 summer schools in English this season during which students can discover the city of Amsterdam and Dutch academic culture.

Elien Broeke, a communications officer at the UvA, used the word ‘pressure cooker’ when Folia asked her to describe what these international students will be up to. ‘In a period of two or three weeks they’ll acquire a lot of knowledge and develop an international network,’ Ten Broeke says.


The UvA offers 24 English study programmes in a broad range of subjects: from ‘Russia for beginners’ to ‘Alcohol, Drugs and Addiction’. The first courses in which students must complete a research for study credits start next week and the last will start the first week of august. The university will host 650 students in total.


The number of English programmes offered at the HvA is lower; only seven and all in the first half of July. ‘This is only the third year the HvA is offering these kinds of programmes,’ project manager Leonard van der Hout says.


He emphasises that what is on offer is different to that from the UvA. ‘Our courses are more urban, more applied — students will actually visit Amsterdam neighborhoods to work on projects.’ For instance, students who subscribed to the programme ‘International Fashion in Amsterdam’ will visit designers and couturiers and will organise a fashion show.


If you applied to ‘European Financial Market and Institutions’ you will go on a two-day trip to the European Commission and the European Parliament in Brussels.