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Foto: Mats van Soolingen

Dean Murray Pratt to leave Amsterdam University College

Dirk Wolthekker,
20 november 2020 - 12:38

As of 1 February, the Amsterdam University College (AUC) will need a new boss. The dean was head of the English language interdisciplinary bachelor’s programme at the UvA and VU for five years.

On 1 February the dean will leave his post, explaining he wants to return to science. It is ‘time to focus more on research again. On reading, thinking and writing’.

‘Pratt can build bridges between the different sectors’

When Pratt was appointed in 2016, then UvA rector Dymph van den Boom praised Pratt for his commitment to interdisciplinarity, innovation and internationalisation. ‘Pratt can build bridges between the different sectors. This is of great importance to the AUC.’ Pratt believes much has been achieved over the past five years. ‘We celebrated our 10th anniversary and many talented and committed students completed their education and became alumni and ambassadors for the AUC and the city.’


Cultural Analysis  

In addition to being dean of the AUC, Pratt is also professor of Contemporary Humanities at the UvA. Pratt will remain connected to the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis. He was previously affiliated with the University of Warwick and the University of Technology in Sydney.