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Write An Op-ed Or Submit A Letter

Writing an opinion article for Folia


Folia is always looking for UvA students and employees who want to write opinion articles on topics that are relevant to science, higher education or studying in the capital. This could be about anything from canteen prices to staff workload and from gaps in the curriculum to science policy.


Those wishing to submit an opinion contribution should keep the following in mind:

- An opinion contribution appears under one's own name and a photo of the author will be included. There may be several authors, but they will always be identifiable individuals. So no organizations, parties or anonymous authors.

- Opinion contributions contain between 750 and 1,000 words. This will only be deviated from in exceptional cases.

- Contributions can be e-mailed to Dirk Wolthekker ( The editors will then evaluate whether a contribution meets the requirements.

- The editors reserve the right to shorten or reject contributions if they do not meet the requirements of length, language, style or relevance. The editors also reserve the right to translate Dutch-language contributions into English and vice versa.

- Opinions may be linked to previous articles on the same subject in Folia or other quality media.

- Once written, remains written. Once a contribution is published on our website, it will not be changed or removed from the website. So think carefully about what you write.


Requirements for writing an opinion piece


1. Preferably connect to current events.

If you respond to news or recent events, the context is clear and recognizable to the reader. As a result, it is likely to have more impact. However, also get behind your keyboard when you want to raise an urgent issue about something that has not yet been in the news. Good opinion pieces are news an sich.


2. Be specific

An opinion piece is not a scholarly essay that requires you to go through the entire history of a topic or all the articles of law related to a topic. Be specific about the issue and pointed in your argument.


3. Give examples and make comparisons

Don't overshoot in concreteness. You are not writing a news article, but an opinion article in which you support your opinion with arguments, comparisons and examples.


4. An opinion piece is about a personal opinion

It sounds like an open door, but an opinion article is not a diplomatic solution to a problem. Too much ado or soothing terminology lead to a piece becoming unclear or woolly.


Submitted letters

Folia also takes submitted brikeven. The following rules apply to these:


1. Length

Letters have a length of 200-300 words. The editors reserve the right to shorten letters.



The editors are not responsible for the content of the letter submitted. The letter must refer to an issue raised in Folia.


3. Style

Swearing letters, hate letters and similar epistles will not be posted.


4. Sender

Like opinion posts, letters are never anonymous. Letters are signed with the sender's name and place of residence and his or her relation to the UvA.


5. Who

The letters section is open to students, employees and alumni of the UvA and (external) affiliated institutions.