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Who Are We

Welcome to Folia, the journalistic and independent medium for, about (and by) students, faculty and staff of the University of Amsterdam (UvA).


Folia Civitatis began in 1948 as a newsletter for the university community (civitas) of the UvA. From the 1960s it gradually evolved into a weekly magazine with high-profile interviews, opinion articles, news and reports on scientific discoveries, notable students, administrative issues and general developments within higher education and research. The addition “Civitas” disappeared in the 1980s as the magazine increasingly took on a media function outside the UvA as well. Following the administrative merger between the UvA and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), Folia merged with Havana, the weekly of the AUAS, in 2011. The administrative merger was not successful and was undone in 2016, after which the media of both institutions were also split again. Since 2018, Folia exists only digitally and through social media, video and podcast. News, backgrounds, interviews and opinion still form the core of Folia, which also has an English-language stream for the benefit of non-Dutch-speaking staff and students. The editorial staff consists of professional editors and reporters and also functions as a practical-journalism training institute of the UvA. There is room annually for student editors and interns, who can learn the intricacies of the journalistic métier at the editorial office.