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Folia is the independent medium for the UvA and evolved from Folia Civitatis (1948).


Editorial address

Roeterseiland Campus - building J/K

Valckenierstraat 65-67, rooms 3.42 - 3.46 - 3.48

1018 XE Amsterdam

020-214 15 00


Postal address


P.O. Box 15890

1001 NJ Amsterdam


Do you have a question, comment or tip for the editors?

Mail to (attn. Dirk Wolthekker) or call 020-214 15 00 or 06-5513 4393.


Editor-in-chief Dirk Wolthekker

Editorial coordinator Irene Schoenmacker

Audio-visual editor Sara Kerklaan

Editors Romain Beker (video), Sija van den Beukel, Sterre van der Hee & Wessel Wierda

Apprentice editors Jip Koene, Toon Meijerink


Translations: Brenda Arnold


Design and web design Verve


Advertising Bureau van Vliet (


Press Agency Hoger Onderwijs Persbureau (HOP)


Publisher Foundation Folia Civitatis

Board Folia Civitatis Marjoleine Zieck (chair), Han van Dissel (treasurer), Isaäc Vos (student member)


Editorial Advisory Board Floor Boon (external member), Shirley Haasnoot (chair), Rik Zelle (student-member)



Folia is regularly approached to adjust published texts, remove pictures of people and remove names from texts. In principle, Folia does not remove articles or parts of articles from its site or from our old site. Folia only makes substantive changes if there are factual inaccuracies. Anyone who feels personally and seriously harmed by a publication may submit a reasoned request for removal or modification to the chief editors. Only written requests addressed to will be considered.


The photographs and texts on this website are, unless explicitly stated otherwise, subject to copyright. They may therefore not be reproduced without prior permission from the author.