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Foto: Wessel Wierda

Folia has FOMO | From female artists in the Rijksmuseum to flea markets

Jazz Stofberg,
10 mei 2023 - 15:02
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No plans yet for next weekend? Overwhelmed because of all the options in Amsterdam? Then check out our bi-weekly culture column Folia has FOMO, with culture tips from the editors between May 10 and May 24. From female artists at the Rijksmuseum to flea markets and art about trauma.

Encountering Absence in Arti et Amicitiae | free
Monday 8 to Thursday 25 May | 12:00-17:00

Editor Wessel Wierda went to the exhibition “Encountering Absence”, organised by by five UvA students. Why should students really go to this exhibition? “The debate about trauma and colonial heritage is very abstract in the Netherlands,” says Ihab Saloul, one of the students’ supervisors. “The debate is often about buildings or quantitiets and numbers take centre stage, and it doesn’t look at what these traumatic experiences elicit in people themselves.” This exhibition tries to visualise that in an everyday setting - a homely café.

Foto: Popup portraits
Ihab Saloul

For the exhibition, 14, international artists were asked to express their own traumas in images. “It was sometimes difficult for them to share the stories with us,” says master's student Museum Studies Lilly-Ann de Zeeuw, the exhibition's curator. “But in the end, they all saw the point and were eager to participate. We are very happy with that.”


IJhallen | from €5.50
Saturday and Sunday 13-14 May | 09:00-16:30
Whether you miss it every time or if you arrive in the early morning every edition, it's once again time for the monthly IJhallen! It is Europe's largest flea market with 750 stalls filled with clothes, furniture, art, frills and bits and bobs. Are you an early bird and do you want the best chance of scoring gems at the market? Then you can also buy an early bird ticket for a few euros extra, which will allow you to enter the grounds as early as 6.00 am (three hours earlier!). Buy your tickets on the website.

Lez-Link-Up at Club NYX | € 14.50

Saturday 13 May | 22:00-05:00

Saturday 13 May, Lezlinkup is organising a party together with 3xNyx at Club Nyx. Lezlinkup is a small organisation, founded partly by UvA students, for queer women, non-binary and trans people in, but also outside Amsterdam. They have existed since summer 2021. Lezlinkup organises events where queer people can meet each other, including like the party this Saturday. On Instagram, they mention that less-represented genders are invited to come. And in terms of music? Afrobeats will be played on the first floor, house and disco on the second floor, and on the third floor there is a so-called 'rave cave', where there will be a mix of different genres. Tickets are on sale online, and at the door between 22:00 and 00:00.


Theatre performance Klokkkenluider at the Amsterdam Theatre House | € 12,-
Friday 19 and Saturday 20 May | 20:15-21:45
Independent theatre group Toetssteen explores how the Netherlands deals with whistleblowers in its new performance ‘Klokkenluider’. Whistleblowers will always be relevant, especially at the UvA at the moment, but the performance is not about a recent whistleblower. At its centre is the story of Ad Bos, the building contractor who was a whistleblower of the construction fraud in the early 2000s. In the performance, Toetssteen critically questions ‘the system’. Was what happened to Ad Bos after his whistle-blowing - he got deeply into debt and lost his house - a single incident or part of a larger problem? According to Toetssteen, Whistleblower is “an ode to ‘difficult people’”, people like Bos who are needed for change. Buy your tickets here.

“There's an increasing interest for the role of women in art and history”

Vrouwen op papier at the Rijksmuseum | 22.50
Until 30 May | opening hours Rijksmuseum
As part of a larger ‘Women of the Rijksmuseum’ project, the new Vrouwen op papier exhibition is at the Rijksmuseum in May only. There has been increasing interest in the role of women in art and history in recent years, and Vrouwen op papier showcases female artists who were active as illustrators, engravers and print publishers. The very best prints, watercolours, pastels, and photographs have been chosen from the museum’s own collection to be part of this exhibition. Book your visit on the Rijksmuseum website.

Films with a view at Pllek | €9
Tuesday 16 and 23 May | From 21:00, end time depends on the film
Every Tuesday, until the end of summer, you can watch films on the beach at Pllek. The view in question is the view over the city and the water from the North side of Amsterdam. Within this edition of Folia has FOMO there are two films to see at Pllek: Léon: the professional on 16 May and Big Fish on 23 May. You cannot book in advance, but from 21:00 you can pick up a headset for € 9,- which is also your entrance ticket. With bad weather, the event will be cancelled, so keep an eye on Pllek's socials on the day itself.

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