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Foto: Teska Overbeeke (UvA)

Seven men (and no women) nominated for UvA Teacher of the Year

Dirk Wolthekker,
20 mei 2022 - 10:58

Not a single woman has been nominated for the annual election of UvA Teacher of the Year. This became apparent last Wednesday when the nominations were announced.

Asva Students' Union and the Central Student Council announced the nominees for the title UvA Teacher of the Year 2022 last Wednesday during the online event Hour of Education. Six men and no women. Dentistry Faculty Acta held its own election earlier, but there too a man emerged as the favorite: Bernardus aan de Stegge.

A correction by gender was not made

The six UvA nominees are Milio van de Kamp (Society & Behavior), Erik Bekkers (Science Faculty FNWI), Vassilis Dafnomilis (Law), Mohammad Nasiri (Economics & Business), Colin Sterling (Humanities) and Jan Aten (Medicine). The nominations came about because each faculty member and student could put forward a candidate. Coincidence or not, it could happen that all the men were nominated, because a correction by gender was not made.


However, the number of nominations per teacher was corrected for the size of the program where the teacher teaches, to ensure that programs of large and small size would have an equal chance. The teacher with the most (corrected) faculty nominations won the faculty award. And so that went to a man on each faculty.

The nominees now compete for the title of UvA Teacher of the Year 2022. This is chosen by a jury consisting of students from the Central Student Council and Asva Student Union, the rector magnificus and a former Teacher of the Year. The winner will be announced on October 6 during the annual Education Day.