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UvA unable to meet demand for rooms for international students

Henk Strikkers,
11 juni 2021 - 12:08

Second-year international students looking for a room will be given priority by the UvA at the expense of first-year international students in their search for accommodation. As ever, students can expect long waiting lists.

The UvA Housing Service helps international students find accommodation for a fee of a few hundred euros. The UvA has reserved rooms at different student housing providers. Every year, the UvA places around three thousand students in and around Amsterdam.



As many international students can now continue their studies from their home country due to Covid, this leaves two groups coming to Amsterdam the next academic year: first and second-years. Both groups have access to the Housing Service, but priority will be given to second-year students.

‘We want to adjust students’ expectations and we emphasise that the UvA can't gurantee a room’

‘First-year students who can’t find an affordable room in the Amsterdam area still have the option of starting at another educational institution,’ says a UvA spokesperson. ‘This is in contrast to second-year students who have followed online education from their home country this year. These students would have to stop their studies if they can't find a room here.’


Five hundred extra rooms

In the past, the UvA has reserved around 2,700 rooms for international students, with this number increasing to 3,200 this year. However, the university fears it still will not be enough. The same university spokesperson told Folia that the university has ‘spoken with various parties’ about finding ‘emergency solutions’. The UvA also has an optionThe UvA says that this is being offered to students as an ‘extra option’ because of the high housing costs and lack of rent protection. If students do not choose this option, this will not affect their place on the waiting list. to place students at The Student Hotel West, which has 90 rooms available, and at the Student Experience Minervahaven, also with about 90 rooms.


The university has also decided to run webinars with tips for students who are looking for a room themselves. ‘We want to adjust students’ expectations,’ the spokesperson adds. ‘In all our communication we emphasise that the UvA can’t guarantee a room due to the very tight housing market and that it’s difficult to find an affordable room with good quality.’


No online education for students without a room

The university warns that it will not offer online education for international students who cannot attend physical education at the UvA if the reason is they have not found accommodation. Distance learning is reserved for students coming from countries for which entry restrictions still apply in September.