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Foto: Daniël Rommens

FEB reduces number of research points after petition

Femke van Lonkhuizen,
23 februari 2021 - 10:16

The Faculty of Economics & Business has reduced the number of research points required to complete the Business Administration course. This was announced after the faculty was delivered a petition signed by about 100 students.

On March 12, 2020, the Amsterdam Business School Laboratory was closed due to the corona virus. Access to the lab is vital for bachelor students at the Faculty of Economics & Business in order to obtain the 10 research credits required to complete the course, but since the lab closed, students have had to complete their work online. Many have reported that the assignments are different from before and that they find the scoring ‘unfair’.



This was the case for third-year Business Administration student, Rick van den Oord (22) who started a petition to bring light to the issue.


Students who are unable to obtain their marks on time can instead write an extra assignment — a paper of approximately three thousand words. Rick: ‘For anyone in the middle of writing a thesis, an extra paper only creates more stress. I think there are simply not enough other options to complete the course at the moment and the personal circumstances of students are not being taken into account.’ 

Foto: UvA
Frank Belschak

Difference in perception

‘The subjective perception of the students is different from the objective reality,’ said Professor Frank Belschak (programme director of the Bachelor's degree in Business Administration) in response to the petition. ‘Students had the opportunity to earn 4 credits in the past 2.5 months. We aim to make this possible for the next 2.5 months as well. Then they can earn 8 credits in six months and they are almost there. This has never been possible in other years.’


In addition, Belschak points out that students have ample time to obtain the research credits. ‘From day one right up until the third year, students are reminded that they have to obtain these points almost monthly by means of information meetings and e-mails. Unfortunately, we notice procrastination among a small group of students. I understand that last year did not make it any easier. Many students have had difficulties getting used to studying at home and may have gotten into trouble with credits as a result. That is why we have decided to reduce the necessary number of research points by 20 per cent.’


Pleased with compensation

Student Rick is happy with the result. ‘I am pleased with the faculty's response and I hope the petition will prevent the faculty from viewing students who have not obtained all the required credits as students who are not doing their best.’