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UvA targeted by cyber attack

Henk Strikkers,
17 februari 2021 - 13:09

The University of Amsterdam is the target of a cyber attack. Unknown people have ‘gained access to the ICT environments of the UvA,’ the university says. To prevent the disruption of education or research, some IT systems will be closed down.

The university doesn’t want to say much about the attack ‘in the interests of the investigation’. It is clear, however, that the university doesn’t know exactly what areas and systems are affected at the moment.


Maastricht University

In December 2019, Maastricht University fell victim to a so-called ransomware attack. Hackers breached the systems of the university and installed ransomware. Only after the university paid the hackers almost 200.000 euro in ransom, the data on the university servers became accessible for students and employees.


It’s unclear whether the people behind the cyber attack on the UvA are after ransom, or whether they have another goal.