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Foto: Teska Overbeeke (UvA)

Faculty of Science teacher reprimanded after commenting on ‘good-looking’ girls

Sterre van der Hee,
26 juni 2020 - 16:03

A lecturer from the Faculty of Science has been reprimanded for his ‘unacceptable’ comment made on Github.

In a comment posted on Github, an online project platform, the teacher in question asked one of this thesis students whether he wanted to work as a student assistant. ‘Many of them start as early as September,’ he wrote. ‘Possible I can attract a couple of strong (and good looking) honours girls…’ The student did not respond to the comment. The URL pointing to the conversation was shared in a WhatsApp group of study association Via, part of the Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Information Science course.


In an email sent to master students, dean Peter van Tienderen called the teacher’s behaviour ‘unacceptable’ and that ‘immediate action’ has been taken. The teacher is said to have apologised and new guidelines about communication with students have been put in place to prevent similar behaviour in the future. Van Tienderen has also invited students with questions to visit the study advisor, the education director or the confidential counsellor.