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Duwo to give no reduction in room rent

Sanne Mariani,
3 april 2020 - 15:06

Student housing association Duwo will not lower the rent of student rooms for the time being but says it has taken measures for students in financial difficulties. ‘There won’t be evictions during this crisis.’

The Catholic University of Leuven halved the rent of student housing this week for at least one month because of the corona crisis. According to the Dutch housing organisation Duwo, however, ‘Compensation [like that in Leuven] is not feasible for us. It would have major consequences for the continuity of the organisation and our ability to provide affordable housing. We cannot take that risk for future student generations.’


However, Duwo has said it will freeze evictions during this period, even if students can’t pay on time. ‘Every tenant can make a payment arrangement. We will look at the options available; er individual on a case by case basis. As soon as problems arise [with paying rent], please contact us. We will also contact tenants from whom we haven’t received payments.’


Temporary rental contracts can now be extended and Duwo is also discussing options for flexible lease agreements with housing providers such as De Key and student union Asva. Duwo has further been in contact with the UvA and the Vrije Universiteit on how best deal with the sudden increase in vacant student housing due mostly to international students returning home. ‘Here, too, possibilities for more flexibility are being considered; for example for rental contracts that run until the end of the academic year.’


For students looking for a new roommate, it’s temporarily forbidden to invite groups of candidates for selection, states Duwo. ‘This will have to take place digitally.’