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Foto: Daniël Rommens

Ten Dam and Maex appointed for second term

Henk Strikkers,
28 november 2019 - 12:21

UvA president Geert ten Dam and UvA rector Karen Maex have been appointed to the Executive Board for a second term.

The Supervisory Board, which appoints the board members, announced that Ten Dam and Maex ‘have an eye and ear for students and staff’, ‘stand up for the academic community and the role of the UvA in society’ and ‘dare to speak out’. The Central Student Council (CSR) and the Works Council were supportive of the appointment. ‘The CSR has been working constructively with the Executive Board’, says CSR chairman Pjotr van der Jagt.


The UvA board consists of Geert ten Dam, Karen Maex and general board member Jan Lintsen. Before their appointment in 2016, Ten Dam was Professor of Educational Sciences and Maex was dean of the UvA Faculty of Science and the two science faculties of the Vrije Universiteit. The term has been extended to May 2024.