Foto: UvA

Frank Nack awarded Lecturer of the Year

Sterre van der Hee,
31 mei 2018 - 12:13

Frank Nack, programme director at the Information Studies course, wins the Lecturer of the Year Award.

According to his students, Nack is a teacher who ‘encourages students to be critical’ and who ‘takes dialogue as a starting point’. During his lectures and working groups, he creates an informal atmosphere in which students feel at ease and are inspired. The jury report states further that the content of his lectures and the quality of feedback are highly appreciated.


The Lecturer of the Year Election in an initiative of the ASVA student union and the Central Student Council. Between 12 and 18 February, students were invited to vote online for their favourite teacher. The winner was chosen based on the highest overall score. Nack was awarded an honorary title during a ceremony at the Amsterdam Compagnietheatre and should be seen as, ‘an ambassador for good education and good teaching during the new academic year’.


Nack also received 'carte blanche' for a course at the UvA Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies and a golden badge. The other faculty winners received silver badges, flowers and wine. The Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Medicine did not participate in the election but will each organise their own competition.