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Folia holds summer recess, but can be reached

16 juli 2024 - 17:02

Summer weather or not: we all go on holiday, including Folia. After an exciting anniversary year, the editors are therefore holding a summer break. We will nevertheless remain low key accessible for breaking news and urgent issues. For that you can always send an e-mail to: mid-August we will resume full speed ahead with news, backgrounds, interviews, video, podcasts and much more! The editors wish everyone a happy summer! (DW)


Gynaecologist appointed dean of Acta dental faculty

16 juli 2024 - 16:57

VU professor of Health Systems Innovations and Education Fedde Scheele has been appointed dean of Acta, the joint dentistry faculty of UvA and VU. Fedde Scheele (1960) does not come from the world of dentistry, but from the world of healthcare: he is a gynaecologist by birth. From 1 October, he succeeds interim dean Hans Romijn, who held the deanship since July 2022 after the sudden retreat of Elsbeth Kalenderian. UvA rector Verbeek on the new dean: ‘Scheele has a wealth of knowledge and experience, as a director and in education, research and care. He gained this knowledge and experience mainly within the OLVG and Amsterdam UMC, which he can now use to give direction and direction to Acta as dean.’ Besides his work at the OLVG and Amsterdam UMC, Scheele is a member of the Supervisory Board of health insurer Menzis, among other things. Scheele has been appointed for four years. (DW)

University of Twente may cut more than 500 jobs

11 juli 2024 - 12:24

An organisational change, a crisis team, the departure of up to 500 fte. of staff and a line through student extra jobs with immediate effect. The Executive Board of the University of Twente (UT) is taking firm action to keep UT financially viable, according to university newspaper UToday. The possible disappearance of so many jobs is partly due to declining (international) student numbers and the government's plans from the Framework Agreement. There will also be immediate action: student assistants and student on-call workers, there will be a stop on external hiring, there will be a vacancy freeze on first-stream funding, including for PhD students and postdocs. International travel on the first flow of funds will also be banned, as will starting projects with co-financing without a conclusive financing plan. These acute measures should provide short-term cost savings of 30 million euros, according to the Executive Board.(DW)


UvA lecturer Fleur Ravensbergen wins Negotiation Prize 2024

9 juli 2024 - 11:33

The Negotiation Price is awarded each year to people who have made an “outstanding achievement” in the field of negotiation. This year that honor falls to Fleur Ravensbergen, lecturer in conflict management. As a peace negotiator, Ravensbergen has been involved in peace negotiations in the Middle East. She also contributed to disarmament negotiations in Northern Ireland and the disarmament of the Basque separatist movement ETA. About the latter, she spoke to Folia in 2017. For example, she explained that she was not allowed to know in advance with whom ETA would meet. She met with someone, who put her in a car, then put her in another car. Until she had no idea where she was.

The award is an initiative of the Dutch Professional Association for Negotiators (NLBVO). Chairman Tim Masselink is proud of the brand-new winner. He praises Ravensbergen for the time she takes to get to the bottom of different interests, while at the same time continuing to invest in relationships. (WW)


World Dental Hygienist Award to Acta dental hygienist Thérèse Elkerbout

9 juli 2024 - 11:00

Oral hygienist and clinical epidemiologist at Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (Acta).Thérèse Elkerbout has won the World Dental Hygienist Award in the research category. This Friday, 12 July, she will receive the award during the International Symposium on Dental Hygiene in Seoul. Besides her work as a (registered) dental hygienist, Elkerbout runs the Help Uganda Foundation (HUG). She also volunteers on evidence-based dental hygiene at Acta’s periodontology section. She obtained her PhD in December 2022 for her thesis Prevention and oral hygiene: instructions, toothbrush and mouthwash. The judges see her as a leader in her field due to this combination of work and recognition. The awards are presented every two years to dental hygienists doing important work for the profession. (DW)

Education Inspectorate has no faith in TU Delft administration

5 juli 2024 - 14:34

The Education Inspectorate does not think that the Delft Board of Governors “can and will” improve social safety, the inspectors write in a letter, which University magazine Delta was allowed to inspect. Back in March, the Education Inspectorate came to the conclusion that there would be “mismanagement” by the TU Delft board. The Executive Board threatened to sue, which was withdrawn after a protest from its own employees. As a result, the Board would have denied the problems at TU Delft, the inspectors now judge in the letter, causing “valuable time and support to be lost”. In the same letter, the inspectorate rated the university’s improvement plan with an inadequate rating and wrote the inspectors have “little confidence” that the mismanagement “can and will be remedied by you”.

The new education minister, Eppo Bruins, reported the inspection’s concerns to the House of Representatives, mentioning several times that he can intervene, as the inspection has identified “mismanagement”. Before the minister proceeds to do so, he first wants to talk to the supervisory board, which he says must show “self-reflection”. In this, Bruins is taking a similar course to his predecessor Dijkgraaf. (HOP, SvdB)

Free University faces possibly 120 million budget cuts

4 juli 2024 - 15:16

The calculators at the Free University (in Dutch: VU) have calculated that at De Boelelaan there will be budget cuts by as much as 120 million as a result of the Outline Agreement concluded by the new coalition of PVV, VVD, NSC and BBB. Incidentally, this does involve “the blackest scenario,” reports the VU medium Ad Valvas (in Dutch). Incidentally, these cuts will only be implemented from 2027, but there is already growing unrest on campus: every department and faculty has to cut between five and ten per cent. “The cheese slicing method won’t help here, we have no fat left,” VU’s Executive Board president Margrethe Jonkman said in a reaction. “Choices will have to be made.” These will not only look at costs, but also at revenues. For instance, the VU also wants to look at the ‘improvement potential’ of commercial courses, such as postgraduate education and ‘Lifelong Development’. (DW)

Free University creates mammoth faculty by merging three faculties

4 juli 2024 - 14:42

The Free University (in Dutch: VU) has drawn up a merger plan in which as many as three faculties will merge on January 1, 2025: the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Religion and Theology. There has been much ado about the mammoth merger in recent months, particularly among theologians, who did not want to give up their independence within the originally reformed university without a fight. ‘As long as the VU is there, no one can dissolve religion and theology,’ the dean of Theology said last week. According to the university magazine Ad Valvas (in Dutch), that is therefore not happening: within the new merger faculty, the (currently still) Faculty of Religion and Theology will become a separate school with a special status and at its head a science director who will autonomously liaise with the outside world and with the nine affiliated seminaries, and further with its own graduate school. (DW)

Bachelor subject Literature, landscape and ecology wins FGw Education Prize

4 juli 2024 - 10:07

Feike Dietz and Marrigje Paijmans' course Literature, landscape and ecology wins the FGw Education Prize. The course addresses and questions the important crises of our time, the jury judges. The jury also praised the course for its ability to involve students closely in the issues, for instance by having them present at a conference. The audience award this year went to the subject Fashion, culture and media, taught by Marie-Aude Baronian. The lecturer is said to succeed in "giving much depth to the subject often considered superficial," according to the comments of those who nominated the subject for the Education Prize.


In principle, the Education Prize is awarded every year. Last year, the master's course Sex/Race/Trans: human life forms won. The public award then went to the newly established course Yiddish. (WW)