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Dedicated to Daniel Katzman

In the time of these shortening winter days, when you are thinking of visiting one of those huge galleries, where you not only get lost easily amidst that seemingly undefined number of exposition halls, but where the staff treat you with an attitude that is inversely proportional to the size of your wallet, the last thing that you want to do is stay there. If you are looking for a place that is more intimate, less mainstream, and yet stands for quality art, you should visit the Qlick Editions Art Gallery in Amsterdam.

This newly established studio, located in one of the picturesque straatjes of De Pijp is a recent must-visit place on the Amsterdam art map. Getting there is easy. The Qlick Editions is located on Gerard Doustraat, a quiet street which is parallel to an incredibly noisy and crowded Albert Cuypmarkt. Within a few seconds only, you will transgress from the parameters of ordinariness, kitsch and cheap commerce to the world of haute art. The world that is encompassed within 30 square meters only...

The Qlick Editions Photo Gallery started as a joint effort of two former students of the University of Amsterdam: Fleur Shekel and Esther Munsters. ''Our gallery was opened at the end of April, but preparations began in November 2011. We needed time in order to find a studio, renovate it, invite artists to cooperate with us, and to cull an interesting collection from their portfolios.''

I have been to the other Amsterdam galleries recently, and they are nothing like this one. What I really loved about the Qlick Editions was not only their welcoming attitude, but also their rich, convincing and stunning photo exposition. The current collection of approximately 300 images features all manner of city oversight, nature snapshots, people or events.

One photo in particular attracted my attention. The image features a close-up of a girl's face, blinded by a gleam of vivid colours. The girl's smile is esoteric, her face expression full of joy and serenity at the same time, as if she is taking a relaxing bath in the pool of variety of bright colours and neon lights that beam onto her.

This is one of the most beautiful characteristics of photography. It can depict a variety of human emotions: anger, sadness, surprise, love, envy, deceit, struggle, life. It preserves the memories, and posses a unique ability of seizing the time just by performing a single-lens shot... From fiendish and filthy to extravagant, extraordinary, beautiful and breath-taking. Photography can indeed spark great emotions.

Fleur and Esther are fresh graduates of University of Amsterdam's museum studies and history of art respectively. Both familiar with the world of haute culture, they tell me that their the Qlick Editions is an innovation in the Dutch visual arts scene. ''The Dutch world of art can be a bit snobbish. The so-called elite as well as the public remain more conservative in their views on art. And when their exhibitions take place, they feature mostly Dutch, or already established artists, whose artworks are very expensive.The Qlick Editions tries to avoid all kinds of artistic clichés, and our uttermost goal is to see more younger people getting involved in art'', explains Fleur.

Both of them travelled extensively the last couple of years. Fleur spent some time in New York City, to which she refers as the postwar art capital of the world. New York remains a symbol and an axis mundi of modern art. It is the ''it'' place, where the inspiration peeks from around the corner'', as Esther recalls.

The gallery features not only local artists, but pays careful attention to international photographers as well. This is my personal favourite about the Qlick Editions. If you belong to the group of avid photographers, and you are looking for a gallery where you can let your spark of talent shine, dare and contact the Qlick Editions. During my visit in the gallery, I have witnessed three more artists signing a deal with the Qlick Editions. ''Currently, we work with more than twenty artists, both local and international'', says Fleur.

The gallery is open from Wednesday through Saturday (or by an appointment). Do not forget about their absolutely fabulous event called the Freakin' Photo Friday, taking place every two months. During the event, you can buy art for a mildly discounted price.

The next Freakin' Photo Friday will take place on 30th November from 5 until 9 PM. Into the world of visual art? A visit to the Qlick Editions Art Gallery is definitely a must-go place this season!

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