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Former dean Fred Weerman appointed interim director UB

Dirk Wolthekker,
14 maart 2023 - 11:36

Professor of language development Fred Weerman, former dean of the Faculty of Humanities, has been appointed interim director of the University Library, popularly known as “UB”. He starts his new job on March 15th.

Fred Weerman (65) confirmed the temporary appointment. “I have just finished a sabbatical and have been traveling and working on a book. Now, this temporary position is coming my way, with the emphasis on temporary, by the way. I don't plan to stay in the position until I'm 67. I'm just coming on an interim basis. Gerard Nijsten is leaving the UB in good shape and that is how I will pass the organization on to his formal successor.”


Meanwhile, there has been some grumbling among several UB employees about this temporary appointment. Some feel it is not right that Weerman was simply appointed without consulting with UB employees. especially since he left as dean “because of inadequate action regarding a social safety file.” Because this is a temporary position, there is no need to go through the entire employee participation circuit. Weerman expects and hopes that as acting director he will not run into major problems.