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Foto: Ruben den Harder

Again, UvA-students organise a fundraiser for Ukraine

Thirza Lont,
9 juni 2022 - 18:42

Students of the Central Student Council (CSR) in collaboration with Cello Biennale Amsterdam will once again organise a fundraising event for the war in Ukraine on June 13th. Musicians will perform there. ‘We want to show the Ukrainians that we didn’t forget about them.’  

During the event musicians, amongst them Ukrainian musicians, will perform and the audience will have the opportunity to share their own experiences. This is not the first time these students have organised a fundraising event for Ukraine Cello Biennale Amsterdam. When the war just broke out, they also organised a similar event on April 11th.  


Joselyn Arevalo Moran

The musical programme is different from last time. But the programme will be presented by Jet Berkout, just like last time. She is also a presenter for NPO Radio 4. And the speaker is author and journalist Michel Krielaars.   

Joselyn Arevalo Moran, member of the CSR, wants to motivate students to come. ‘The situation is very intense, and it is important to think about it and to deal with it together. During the previous fundraiser, we really experienced a feeling of unity and togetherness by reflecting on the war. We want to create that feeling again now.’

Foto: Brendon Heinst
Maya Fridman

Not forgotten  
Again, the CSR works together with musician Maya Fridman. She sees that media attention is going down for the situation. ‘Through this fundraiser, we try to put the war in Ukraine back on the map. The situation there is getting worse every day. But it is important that money goes to the area because there is still a great shortage of, among other things, medicines.’

With this fundraising organization, student Arevalo Moran wants to give a clear signal to the Ukrainians that they are being thought of. ‘In my experience, it can be quite confronting for students to face the war, but still, it is important to help as much as we can, where we can.’  

The fundraiser will take place in the UvA's Aula in the Lutheran Church on 13 June. There are 300 places available in the Aula. The doors will open at 19:00. The event will last until 22:00. Tickets are 10 euros for students and 20 euros for non-students. For Ukrainians, the entrance is free.