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Foto: Sander Nieuwenhuys (UvA)

New collective labour agreement: 4 percent more pay, no deal on flex teachers yet

Hoger Onderwijs Persbureau,
13 mei 2022 - 16:25

Wages are going up 4 percent is in the new collective labour agreement for universities. Employees will also receive a one-time extra of 400 euros. Agreements on permanent jobs for teachers will follow later.

The 4 percent wage increase will take effect on July 1. The bonus of 400 euros is in proportion to employment, so part-timers receive less. However, the amount is higher for those on the university minimum wage of 14 euros per hour. They will receive 750 euros.



Yesterday, dozens of teachers protested the flex culture at the universities prior to the negotiations. Many lecturers must string temporary contracts together, is the complaint.


Something is going to change about this, the unions believe, but they have not yet received concrete pledges. The agreement only states that unions and employers will make agreements about this in the future.



The universities themselves speak of a “joint study” into more permanent contracts. The negotiator on behalf of the universities, Marcel Nollen (executive director of Vrije Universiteit), says in a press release: “The universities and employee organizations see a need for clear career prospects for lecturers that do justice to their contribution to the universities. Good employment practices are paramount in this regard.”


The UvA has already announced that it will be working on a better teacher policy on its own and will not be waiting for agreements in the new collective agreement.


The agreement also includes an improvement in parental leave, in anticipation of the new rules as of 1 August. Parents will be paid 70 percent (it was 62.5 percent) and will also be entitled to their paid leave if they have been employed for less than a year.


Negotiating Agreement

This is a negotiating agreement. Employers and trade union members must still agree to it. The new collective labour agreement will apply until 1 April 2023. The old agreement ran until April 1. Given the high inflation rate, unions and universities wanted to conclude a new agreement quickly.