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Foto: CSR

Abigail Gilchrist is new chairperson of Central Student Council

Sterre van der Hee,
13 mei 2022 - 09:30

The Central Student Council (CSR) elected acting president Abigail Gilchrist as its new president on Wednesday. Former chair Manish Jhinkoe-Rai made his position available last week due to "personal circumstances."

Gilchrist was the list leader of Party 020 during last year's student council elections, the party she said stood for "progressiveness, pragmatism, vulnerability, connection and sustainability." Among other things, she argued during the campaign for more pragmatic policies concerning mental health and felt that teachers should be the first point of contact when problems arise. "As someone who has had to deal with mental health issues myself during the corona period, I think it's relevant to address this," she said.
Her predecessor, chemistry student Jhinkoe-Rai, resigned last week due to personal circumstances. He remains a member of the student council, however. Under Jhinkoe-Rai's leadership, the student council has, among other things, worked hard for a Dry January campaign among students and for the distribution of free menstrual products at the university. Most recently, the student council organized a fundraiser for Giro 555.
With the election of Gilchrist, the position of vice president becomes vacant. An election for this position will be held May 18 during a plenary CSR meeting. This council will sit until August 31, at which time it will be succeeded by a new council to be elected by all UvA students starting Monday, May 16.