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Foto: Anastasiya Kargapolova (freepik)

Student parties agree on prohibited behaviour during election campaign

Sterre van der Hee,
21 april 2022 - 13:09

The student parties UvASociaal, 020, Inter, OpRecht, ListSefa and DVS have made agreements about mutual standards of behaviour that they will adhere to during the student council election campaign. Last year, a majority of the parties refused to sign such a Fair Play Agreement.

After mediation by the Asva student union and the Central Student Council (CSR), the parties have concluded a joint campaign agreement. It establishes standards of conduct that the parties will adhere to during the student council elections. For example, they are not allowed to spread disinformation and party members are not allowed to destroy campaign material from other parties. Lectures may also not be disrupted during the campaign.

"It's great to see that our community is once again willing to commit to fair elections"

Enforcement Commission
Now that physical campaigning is possible again after two years of corona, there was more enthusiasm to “start the next chapter in the democratisation of the university,” says Asva vice president Jules Declerieux. “It is great to see that our community is once again jointly prepared to commit itself to fair elections.” In addition to the agreement, an independent enforcement committee is also being set up that will rule on violations of the agreement and can impose sanctions.


Previously, negotiations on a so-called Fair Play Agreement had broken down several times: the parties did not see the point of such an agreement or felt personally attacked. For example, a previous Fair Play Agreement stated that no money from third parties may be used. The latter led to a lawsuit in 2020: candidate Tammie Schoots wanted the election results to be declared invalid because she suspected that some campaign budgets were larger than the amount made available by the UvA. This point is currently not mentioned in the agreement.
The student council elections campaign will run from April 19 to May 20.