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Foto: Dirk Wolthekker

Crea Café temporarily closed due to lack of staff

Dirk Wolthekker,
29 september 2021 - 15:40

Earlier this week the kitchen of the Crea Café was already closed, today the whole café is closed because there is not enough staff available.

The staffing problem in the post-Corona hospitality industry has now reached the Crea Café as well. In the past few days the kitchen was already closed once due to the lack of kitchen staff, today the entire establishment is closed due to staffing problems, according to a sign on the window.


Finally, after several lockdowns, the hospitality industry was allowed to reopen, but now continuity is threatened by staff shortages: many hospitality workers were fired or left because of the lockdowns and went looking for other jobs. Many students work in the Dutch hospitality industry. They often lost their jobs and went looking for something else, for example, in the (para)medical sector where there was plenty of work, for example at vaccination stations. Not all of these students have returned to their old jobs in the hospitality industry.


Many students also worked and still work in the Crea Café. Many of them were internationals. Those went home during the corona period and didn’t come back, says an employee of Crea. He says he expects the Crea Café to reopen tomorrow.