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You are the UvA Person of the Year!

16 december 2020 - 17:18

Every year Folia selects a student or employee for its Person of the Year Award and we have good news: it's you.

You, the freshmen who had to miss introduction week. You, the facility employee who spent endless hours applying stickers indicating which direction people should walk. You, the teacher who taught your children in the morning and your students in the afternoon. You, the PhD student who, after years of hard work, had to settle for a promotion on Zoom.


Every single member of the UvA has made an extra effort this year and has a special story to tell. It’s therefore only right your commitment and perseverance is recognised.


As UvA Person of the Year 2020, you will be part of an illustrious list with names such as Erik van Halewijn and Rens Bod. Congratulations.