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Foto: Falk Lademann (cc, via Wikimedia Commons)

UvA to house international students in Almere

Henk Strikkers,
20 november 2020 - 12:33

The UvA will reserve 375 student rooms in a new student complex in Almere. The new student complex, which will hold one thousand and fifteen hundred homes, will be built on a parking lot near Almere Centrum station. 

These homes are expected to be shared between 375 UvA students and 175 from the VU, with the rest reserved for students from the Windesheim University of Applied Sciences.


Due to housing market pressure and ever higher land prices in the capital, the university has been looking for locations outside Amsterdam to house international students. The construction project in Almere will be the first of its kind that the UvA will participate in, although it will not play a roll in the financing of the construction.

The UvA and the VU are also in discussions on how to improve public transport

Student facilities 

The construction of on-site facilities such as ‘study places, sports facilities, meeting rooms, or a library’ are still under discussion, says a spokesperson. However, she confirms that the UvA will not hold classes there, to the disappointment of the Almere City Council.


The UvA and the VU are also in discussions on how to improve public transport from the Almere campus to Amsterdam, including increasing train and bus connections. But no agreements have been made, says the spokesperson.


The UvA, VU and Windesheim have already agreed to the covenant. If the municipal council of Almere agrees to its terms, the covenant can be signed.