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Foto: Frans Ruiter / Unsplash

Students demonstrate for more on-campus education

Dan Afrifa,
2 oktober 2020 - 09:31

On Friday 2 October, student organisations will demonstrate on Museumplein to demand more on-campus education. Despite increasing corona infections, beta-gamma student Joshua de Roos (22) from action group #ikwilnaarschool believes that the message is timely. ‘We need a plan for when on-campus education is justified in the future.’

In recent weeks, with the support of various student unions, action group #ikwilnaarschool has been preparing a demonstration to demand that colleges and universities do more to facilitate on-campus education. Be it a lecture in the RAI or a workgroup meeting in Paradiso, according to the initiators, anything is better than just looking at a laptop screen all the time and would benefit both the mental health of students and the quality of education.

According to the initiators, anything is better than just looking at a laptop screen all the time

Some adjustments have been made to account for the new government guidelines. For example, students from outside Amsterdam are urged not to travel to the capital. De Roos: ‘Instead, we will distribute forms that students can sign to show their support. Those present at the demo will hold up signs on behalf of other students. We will also ask people to post something on social media at a certain time.’


Fortunately for the organisers of the demonstrations, the rule limiting groups to maximum 40 people does not apply. But there is much uncertainty as to how many people will attend. De Roos: ‘People may have become more reluctant because of the measures. 700 people have indicated on Facebook that they are coming or are interested. I expect a few hundred at least.’