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‘I feel detached from all university facilities’

Henk Strikkers,
30 september 2020 - 12:17

There were no activities held during Intreeweek and lectures were mostly online. How are freshmen managing? Folia asked Aljer Lee (Econometrics) to reflect on his first three weeks at the UvA. ‘It's a struggle and it's disappointing because I know it could have been different.’

What do you think of online education?
‘I have had very bad experiences with online education. My mentor was not able to give me the help I needed and I find it difficult to explain online what problems I’m having understanding. It’s virtually impossible to learn math online, and the exams are more difficult this year, which is a disappointment.’

‘I made some friends in my student residence’

Have you been to campus yet, and what was that like?
‘Yes, but only for the social aspect. If I'm honest it was a waste of time: I’d rather have lectures that would help me better understand the topics.’
Do you feel like you belong to the university?
‘No, I feel detached from all university facilities that are there to ensure that students perform better. It’s a struggle and it’s disappointing because I know it could have been different. A few days ago I received an email asking if I wanted to attend a board meeting. I think it’s just a PR stunt.’
Have you made college friends yet?
‘Yes, especially in my student residence.’