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Foto: Parker Gibbons / Unsplash

UvA arranges student homes for just over 2,000 international students

Henk Strikkers,
3 september 2020 - 14:18

This year, the UvA Housing Service housed approximately 2,100 international students, much less than the three thousand who used the service last year.

The university reserves approximately 2,600 homes annually to accommodate international students who lack the network, or family homes, local students enjoy. Students pay rent and a brokerage fee and are given the option to rent a room for six months or a year.

Rooms in holiday parks 
Over recent years there has been a severe shortage of rooms, and the university has resorted to looking for rooms in the former Bijlmer prison and holiday parks. Such options are understandably not very popular — at least fifty students declined the offer to stay in a holiday chalet last year.
This year, expecting less international students due to the corona crisis, the UvA has already rented almost 600 of these rooms to Dutch students.