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Foto: Anna Hoogeveen

‘I hope that all the missed fun is made up for eventually’

Dan Afrifa,
25 augustus 2020 - 12:50

Are the students who will start their bachelor’s study during the corona pandemic part of a ‘lost generation’? This week, we speak ten of those students about their hopes and fears. Today: Anna Hoogeveen (18) who is going to study English language and culture. 

Did the pandemic affect your study choice or did it made you think of whether you should study at all? 

‘It did not affect my study choice because I wanted to study English for a long time. But if it had been up to me, I would have taken a gap year to do fun things first. I wanted to travel and live in Indonesia for a longer period of time, have a working holiday and learn the language Bahasa Indonesia. Now I’m just going to study and do something useful with my time.’

‘Some people have campus education a few times a week. I hope that’s in it for me too’

What do you expect student life to be like in the first months? 

‘It is all a bit miserable. Most of the lectures will be given online and I can already imagine how I will sit at my desk all day. I don’t expect to start a vibrant student life right now. I do think that student life will get going again soon and then I will be ready to immerse myself in it.’


Do you dread online lectures and studying at home? 

‘Very much. Although my parents work during the day and that won’t bother me, I do not feel like sitting chained to my desk all the time. However, I am going to do something that I really enjoy.’


When do you expect to visit the UvA campus? 

‘I do not know. I know that the UvA is trying to give first-years an image of what it is like to study at the university. Some people have campus education a few times a week. I hope that’s in it for me too.’


What do you hope to experience as a first-year UvA student?

‘I especially hope to have a lot of fun despite the pandemic. I hope to meet nice people and that all the missed fun is made up for eventually.’