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Foto: Lena van Beek

‘It feels like a false start to start my student life like this’

Dan Afrifa,
24 augustus 2020 - 15:13

Are the students who will start their bachelor’s study during the corona pandemic part of a ‘lost generation’? This week, we speak ten of those students about their hopes and fears. Today: Lena van Beek (19), who is going to study Scandinavian languages at the UvA. 

Did you doubt your decision to apply for university? 

‘I had little doubt. I studied at a university of applied sciences and knew soon enough that I wanted to switch to a university. I was not able to travel because of the corona crisis, so I was pretty sure that I would continue studying.’


Does this feel like a false start? 

‘I was planning to start my student days in a fun way with the Inreeweek and that I would have the opportunity to get to know student associations there. It’s a pity that I can’t. In that way, it feels like a false start.’ 

‘I thought that I would have the opportunity to get to know student associations’ 

Are you going to live in Amsterdam? 

‘I am postponing that decision because moving is not necessary for me. I only need to be in Amsterdam once a week for education on campus.’


What about the tuition fees? Do you think they are too high for an online course?

‘That is a difficult question. The lessons and teacher imput should be the same, it’s just another way of teaching. I think the tuition fees can remain the same, even if the education is a bit different.’ 


What are your expectations for the next year? 

‘I think universities and universities of applied sciences have had enough time to think about how to improve education, especially during the intelligent lockdown. I expect that measures are well thought through, for example the one and a half meter measure. Furthermore, I just expect to have a fun start of my years as a student.’