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Foto: Wokandapix (cc, via Pixabay)

UvA Central Electoral Committee approves election results

Redactie Folia,
3 juli 2020 - 14:35

The UvA Central Electoral Committee (CSb) has approved the election results of the student council elections. The committee found no indication that the results were manipulated by use of the voting application WebElect.

The CSb delivered its verdict in an email sent to the Central Student Council and to the representatives of the participating student parties. It writes, ‘Although the vulnerabilities regarding security cannot be denied, the CSb has no evidence that the use of the application has led to irregularities that affected the result.’
The CSb was forced to investigate the possibility of voter fraud after an article published by Folia demonstrated that it was possible to cast a vote via 49 accounts of UvA students even as a non-student. Security was found to be not up to standard at the UvA orat the other institutions that used the application. Nevertheless, the electoral committee concluded that the data from WebElect are ‘reliable’.
The CSb will publish the election results as soon as possible and explain the conclusions of the investigation. ‘After the announcement, interested parties have four days to object if they disagree.’