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The CSR elections: five parties, seven seats

Dirk Wolthekker,
5 juni 2020 - 17:08

This week, elections open for the student councils. The Central Student Council is the most powerful council, operating on a university level together with the University Board. There are seven seats with a direct mandate, while seven are reserved for representatives of the faculty student councils. The parties De Anti-coronapartij, De Vrije Student, Inter, Slaafs and UvASociaal are each running for the seats with a direct mandate.

List some key words or values for your party.

Tammie Schoots (Anti-Coronapartij): ‘Students should each receive one-hundred euros and average grades should be frozen.’

Elias Hidoussi (UvASociaal): ‘UvASociaal stands for a more diverse, inclusive, sustainable, accessible and democratic university.’

David Steenmeijer (De Vrije Student): ‘Digitisation, privacy, pragmatism, flexibility and cheap meals in the canteen.’

Tijmen Dietvorst (Inter): ‘Student welfare, quality education and education equality, sustainability, transparency, democracy and diversity.’

Lisa Blijleven (Slaafs): ‘We only have three core values: honest, simple, beer.’

‘While the world is on fire, the UvA is more concerned with spying on us during exams’

What do you want to achieve in the Central Student Council this year?

Tammie Schoots (Anti-Corona party): ‘A few weeks ago, UvA chairman Geert ten Dam promised us that she would “take care of” her students during the crisis. These were empty words. While the world is on fire, the UvA is more concerned with spying on us during exams at home (proctoring) than with our well-being. We pay full tuition fees for mid-level online education and are expected to still obtain our credits. It seems as if there is a crisis everywhere except at the UvA. On the council, I will not go easy on ten Dam and fully intend to remind her of her obligation!’

Elias Hidoussi (UvASociaal): ‘I want to emphasise the importance of students’ mental health by providing easier access to clinical psychologists for students and by reducing the waiting list. I also want to improve the internationalisation of the university. Moreover, UvASociaal thinks the binding study advice (bsa) should be abolished, and that lecturers and students should have more autonomy. Every student's voice must be heard.’

David Steenmeijer (De Vrije Student): ‘We want to accelerate digitisation at the university with due regard for the human dimension and privacy. The biggest challenge for the UvA is the corona exit strategy. We want to return to normal as soon as possible, but safety should be priority number one. Students may be expected to have a flexible and benevolent attitude, but we also expect that from the university.’

Tijmen Dietvorst (Inter): ‘One in ten people in the Netherlands suffers from a disability such as ADHD or depression. However, the UvA scores embarrassingly low when it comes to accommodating students with such disabilities. I want to address this issue, improve student well-being and ensure that the UvA’s growth does not undermine the quality of education and sustainability.’

Lisa Blijleven (Slaafs): ‘Every council member of our party represents their own opinion in the council. We will use the money they receive for sitting on the council to buy free beer for everyone. Our goal is to organise as many free beer events as possible.’