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Foto: A CSR zoom meeting

Fourteen parties participate in student council elections

Dirk Wolthekker,
15 mei 2020 - 14:59

Five parties compete for the directly elected seats on the Central Student Council (CSR). There are four newcomers: Leef, Pacta, 020Together and the Anti-corona party.

It is as of yet unknown what the Anti-corona party wants to achieve. What is known is that the party has just one candidate: philosophy student Tammie Schoots who will be running for a seat on the CSR and the Faculty Student Council (FSR) of the Faculty of Humanities (FGw). Previously, Schoots was chairwoman of the Asva student union before her board was ‘split by tensions’. She has also been a part of UvASociaal and De Decentralen, a party that no longer exists. The parties UvASociaal, Slaafs, Inter and De Vrije Student will also be competing for seats, bringing the total to five parties competing for the seven direct seats in the CSR.

Participating parties

CSR: Anti-coronapartij, Inter, Slaafs, UvASociaal, De Vrije Student.

Faculty of Humanities: Anti-coronapartij, TOF, De Vrije Student.

Faculty of Economics & Business Economics: Inter, List Sefa, UvASociaal.

Faculty of Law: OpRecht, Pacta, De Vrije Student. Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde & Informatica: Lief, Slaafs. Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences: 020Together, Inter, UvASociaal, De Vrije Student.

Faculty of Medicine: Inter, Leef, MFAS.

Faculty of Dentistry: Kies Acta.

At the Faculty of Medicine, the hegemony of study party MFAS is to be challenged by a new party: Leef. The medical interns, who form their own election district in the Student Council of Medicine, came up with several parties: MFAS, Leef and Inter. As usual at the Faculty of Dentistry Acta, only one party will participate: Kies Acta. Nevertheless, voting matters, because there are more candidates than seats: eight seats for twelve candidates.
Last year’s trend to give study programmes a fixed number of seats within the faculties continues. This year, the various programmes at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FMG) have their own seats within in the FSR. Party 020Together is new with only two candidates in the subdistrict Social Sciences. Party Inter is participating in the English-language Bachelor programme PPLE. The FSR of the Faculty of Law has twelve seats, four of which are occupied by PPLE students (Politics, Psychology, Law & Economics).
The student council elections take place over a period of one week each year, starting June 8. All UvA students can participate and will receive a voting link in their mailbox the day before the elections. Students vote twice: once for the FSR and once for the CSR. The CSR has fourteen members, half of whom are directly elected by students and the other half is delegated by the faculty councils.
The elections were originally scheduled in May, but were postponed due to the corona crisis.