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UvA to rent out rooms meant for international students to Dutch students

Maureen Blankestijn,
15 mei 2020 - 14:43

The UvA has started renting out hundreds of student residences normally reserved for international students to avoid them sitting empty. More rooms will be made available in the near future.

Every year, the UvA reserves three thousand rooms to accommodate foreign students. Now that many have returned to their home countries due to the corona crisis, the UvA is making them available on rental platforms Kamernet and Duwo.
In total 650 rooms will be rented out either to foreign students who have applied for a rental extension, or to Dutch students. Over 75 per cent of the rooms that appeared online has already been allocated to Dutch students. More will be put online in the near future.
It is unclear how many international students will apply to live in Amsterdam in the next academic year, but it is likely that they will not need housing immediately from September. ‘Because of the uncertainty regarding on-campus education and public transport, it is difficult to predict numbers’, says a spokesperson for the UvA. But after these measures, ‘In theory, it could become much more difficult for international students to find a room.’