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Foto: Paul Jespers (Unsplash)

Is your flight cancelled? Students Martijn and Nikos offer free legal advice

Dan Afrifa,
27 maart 2020 - 11:25

With their company, law students Martijn Strijp (24) and Nikos Anagnostou (24) are offering free legal advice to anyone whose travel has been affected by the corona crisis. ‘All we can do is help prevent unjust situations.’

Why did you came up with this idea?

‘The corona crisis is affecting all aspects of society. Employment, the stock market, education, healthcare… We want to help, so we thought we’d offer free advice to people who have to cancel their travel plans and don’t know about their rights.’

‘The corona crisis acts as a force majeure for everyone’
Martijn Strijp

Isn’t this opportunistic?

‘We just want to contribute to help solving small problems where we can. However, the corona crisis acts as a force majeure for everyone. We know we won’t be able to find a solution for everything, but we can try to help prevent unjust situations.’


How can people contact you?

‘Via our email address and through our social media channels. Share as much information about the case as you can. Then, when the client understands this to be a non-binding advice given by students, we will continue with the substantive handling of the case.’


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