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Foto: Elevate (cc, via Unsplash)

Student council member wants to launch Dry January campaign

Sterre van der Hee,
6 december 2019 - 10:24

The Central Student Council (CSR) of the UvA wants to launch a Dry January campaign to encourage students to reduce their alcohol consumption. ‘We also want to call on board members of the UvA to stop drinking alcohol in January.’

The CSR wants to spread information about Dry January with posters, social media and via TV screens at the UvA. ‘Student culture is a drinking culture’, says Pelle Padmos, who studies PPLE. ‘We know that alcohol consumption has a negative impact on health and study results, but students apparently don’t think that’s a problem. Our message is that students should consider 0.0% beer: it tastes just as good.’
Is this really something the CSR has to worry about? Yes, says Pelle. ‘We’re concerned with student welfare. I think it’s very important.’