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Course registration FGw, FEB and FdR suspended due to technical problems

Henk Strikkers,
6 december 2019 - 09:57

This week, the UvA was forced to suspend course registration for the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Economics and Business due to ‘technical problems’. Registration has been postponed until December 10. 

Students can register for courses and minors once every six months and took to Twitter and Instagram to complain that they couldn’t reach the website, that it crashed or when they lost their place in the que.

‘We carried out tests last week to simulate heavy user traffic and it went well’

Overloaded servers

The faculty pointed to overloaded servers, although it’s not exactly clear what happened says Jasper Faber, head of the Student Information System. ‘We carried out tests last week to simulate heavy user traffic and it went well.’


Faber says that course registration is always a stressful moment, both for students and for his department. ‘Wednesday morning our developers were keeping an eye on everything when they noticed that the referral from the UvA site to SIS (the student information system) was not working. It took a long time to load the website, causing the server to be overloaded.’



A spokesman for the student council says students are ‘upset’. ‘The UvA said things were going to improve after the time the website students use to register for selective master’s degrees crashed on deadline day.’ But despite their promises, thousands of students were unable to register on Wednesday.’
It’s not the first time there have been problems. Four years ago there appeared to be major problems due to an overload of the servers, when later it turned out that students had been redirected to the site for course registration from six months earlier — with many courses already full. At that time the UvA decided to suspend registration and reopen a few hours later.