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Chinese students at the UvA: ‘Amsterdam is very crowded’

Sanne Mariani,
18 september 2019 - 11:49

One out of four first-year students come from abroad. Folia follows three Chinese students during their studies. Today: initial thoughts on arriving in Amsterdam.

Yigong Zhang / Igor (23, Master Film Preservation) from Beijing

‘Chinese people always choose an English name that sounds like their Chinese name. But I regret choosing ‘Igor’ because people often think I’m Russian. I really like Amsterdam because there’s less air pollution than in Beijing. And there’s a lot of space for cyclists.’

Zhihui Shuang

Zhihui Shuang / Shuang (22, pre-Master Business Administration) from Wuhan 

‘What did I bring with me from China? My rice cooker, because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find one of high enough quality here. And since Apple products are cheaper in China, I brought my laptop too. I like Amsterdam, but it’s more crowded than I thought!’


Pei Wang / Pei (22, pre-Master Business Administration) from Zunyi  

‘In China there’s major competition to get a master’s degree, which is why many Chinese students come here. I heard the weather could get cold so I brought a lot of jackets. I like the way people dress here. In China vintage clothing is not really popular, but here students seem to wear a lot of second-hand clothing.’


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