Foto: Marleen Hoebe

3.800 students sign petition for lower canteen prices

Marleen Hoebe,
7 juni 2018 - 15:28

Student party Stout delivered the petition this week to Jan Lintsen, member of the Board of the University. The petition calling for more reasonable prices in the canteens at the UvA and HvA was signed by 3.794 students and members of staff. At the same time, a pilot programme will introduce more ‘budget’ options at the Science Park canteen.

The initiators of the petition, faculty parties Stout, UvASociaal, Red UvA, De Vrije Student, Inter and student union ASVA, the Faculty Student Council Humanities and the Faculty Student Council, believe that the university caterer is neglecting its core task. The petition is intended to appeal to the Executive Boards of the UvA and HvA that the caterer provides healthy and affordable food.

Fokel Ellen (22, mathematics) of Stout delivered the signed documents to Jan Lintsen, member of the Board of the University. In a nod towards sustainability, they only printed the first few documents. ‘You will receive all signatures digitally.’

Lintsen stated that the UvA has carried out a customer satisfaction survey about the canteen. ‘People are positive about the service and variety on offer, but are less positive about pricing and vegan offerings. In response to this, the meal prices at Science Park have been significantly reduced.’ He emphasises the importance of communication if the parties feel that something is not going well. ‘We want to focus on accessibility.’