Foto: Marc Kolle

Turnout for Central Student Council elections only 6.3 per cent

Dirk Wolthekker,
17 mei 2018 - 09:53

As the second day of voting drew to a close, participation in the Student Council Elections was more or less in line with previous years despite a low on Wednesday morning of 6.3 per cent. Turnout at dentistry faculty ACTA was in the lead with 45.1 per cent.

The Central Electoral Committee (Centraal stembureau, Csb) of the UvA held an intermediate poll to guage the turnout for the elections of the new student councils. Voting for the Central Student Council (CSR) is so far the lowest (6.3 per cent). Turnout at the Dentistry faculty (ACTA) and at the AMC is so far the highest at 45.1 per cent and 23.0 per cent respectively. At the faculties, the intermediate results are somewhat diffuse: all between 8 and 13 per cent, with a positive outlier at the Law faculty of 18.2 per cent. Trends drawn from previous years indicate that on average, five per cent of the voting students will vote per voting day.


The election started last Monday and will last until Friday.


Education committees

For the first time, members of the education committees (in Dutch: OCs) could be elected following one of the recommendations of the temporary Democratisation and Decentralisation Commission, established after the Maagdenhuis occupation. These education committees can be elected this week at the Faculty of Humanities and at the science faculty (FNWI). The other faculties decided not to organise elections and will stick to the usual application procedure.


Turnout Wednesday morning 9.31 A.M.:

Central Student council: 6,3%

Student council Economics and Business: 12,8 %

Student council Humanities: 9,0 %

Student council Social and Behavioural: 8,1%

Student council Science: 10,8%

Student council Law, incl. PPLE: 18,2%

Student council Acta: 45,1%

Student council AMC: 23,0%

Student council AMC-coassistents: 10,6%