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Thesis Prize 2018: the nominations

Henk Strikkers,
3 mei 2018 - 11:26

Seven theses, all in English and covering a multitude of subjects, have been nominated for the UvA Thesis Prize 2018. Folia gives a breakdown.

Nicholas Evadisian Cohen wrote his for Heritage Studies on how moving images are preserved and presented. Karah Hussain investigated the ambitions of young British-Bengal youths in the London district Tower Hamlets. David Dalenberg investigated how to prevent discrimination in automatically-targeted vacancies and Carla Groenland investigated the effect of anticipation in mathematical congestion games, a subspecies in game theory.


Under the title The Influence of Genetics on Susceptibility and Outcome in Acute Pancreatitis, medicine alumnus Fons van den Berg wrote about pancreatitis. Liza van de Rijt (dentistry) wrote about people with dementia problems and the pain they suffer in the mouth and jaw. Economics student Robert Verschuren was nominated for a thesis on how financial institutions can best take negative interest rates into account in modelling interest rate term structures, and how to apply these models for risk management purposes.



The students submitted their thesis to a faculty reading committee, which chose the best thesis of the faculty. The shortlisted seven will then be read by all the faculty deans after which they will choose one. The deans not allowed to vote for the thesis from their own faculty. After the vote, a jury meeting will follow in which the top three will be selected.


Last year, the UvA Thesis Prize was awarded to Silke van Daalen. She analyzed demographic patterns in populations of both human and non-human organisms.


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