Foto: Muttaneeya Ujjin, David Nelck and Michele Murgia

UvASociaal, De Vrije Student and new party Red UvA to compete for seats in CSR

Dirk Wolthekker,
19 april 2018 - 09:53

While student parties De Decentralen and Humanities Rally have been dissolved, a few of their members have joined forces to create a new party that will participate in the upcoming student elections.

The total number of parties participating at the central and/or faculty level is 23 this year — compared with 25 in 2017. Joining the recently dissolved De Decentralen and the Humanities Rally, the parties Ons Kritisch Alternatief and Roede will not participate. 


Parties UvASociaal and De Vrije Student will participate in the election for the Central Student Council. They are joined by the new party Red UvA (‘save the UvA’ in English), headed by Michele Murgia, a member of the faculty student council FGw on behalf of Humanities Rally. The party leader of De Vrije Student is European Studies David Nelck, currenly council assistant of the CSR. Muttaneeya Ujjin is the leader of UvASociaal, a bachelor student at the Faculty of Economics & Business (FEB).


Not much has changed at the faculty level meanwhile. TOF is involved with the Faculty of Humanities while List Sefa acts for the FEB. MFAS and UvA Sociaal are active at AMC and Acta only has one party: Acta Beter. In the Faculty of Law, student party OpRecht is in the running. In the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, the party Hervorm FMG will run, and Lief is still going strong at the Faculty of Science. The parties Stout and Slaafs will also participate at that faculty, and there is a one-man list of Malou Sprinkhuizen.


Elections will take place at all faculties. The number of members in each faculty student council varies per faculty, and the number of CSR members is fourteen. Half is chosen directly, the other half is made up from a delegation of the seven faculty student councils.