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Foto: Maartje Strijbis (UvA)

UvA can expect further increase in first year applicants in 2018

Flora Woudstra Hablé,
13 december 2017 - 15:54

The current number of applications for the UvA hit a new record at 3,500. Last year around this time that number was 2,500.

Despite the figures being only preliminary, a large number of these is expected to come from international students. The total number of admissions from students who have studied elsewhere in Europe is 66 per cent higher than what it was a year ago in week 48.


Admissions from students coming from outside of Europe have also risen (34 per cent), while admissions from Dutch students have risen by 22 per cent. The number of international students to actually study at the UvA is still subject to change, as many will have applied to multiple universities.


The UvA leads the Dutch universities in terms of admission numbers, with the University of Maastricht and Erasmus University Rotterdam following up second. The UvA, however, is still significantly ahead of them.

Faculty of Social Sciences

The UvA’s Psychology, Political Science and Sociology programmes have received the most applications from international students, bucking its previous decline. Among Dutch applicants, the biggest increase was for the Artificial Intelligence programme, which increased from 6 in December 2016 to 36 in December 2017.


A spokesperson for the UvA says, ‘It’s too early’ to comment on the numbers.

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