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UvA to experiment with a university forum

Eva Hofman,
9 november 2017 - 10:58

Starting next year, the UvA will enter into ‘a conversation with itself’ by means of a university forum.

The idea of creating a forum was suggested by the commission for Democratisation & Decentralisation led by Lisa Westervelt. Its members will consider themes such as the university's values, strategy and future. The UvA stresses this is not a replacement of the participation council.


The forum will comprise of 72 members, with every faculty having eight delegates: a professor, a PhD, a permanently employed researcher, a temporarily employed researcher, a member of the support staff and three students. The Board of the University, the diversity officer and university deans will by default become members, while the remaining 61 will be chosen by lots. Members will be appointed for a duration of two years, but those students and staff who do not wish to be part of the forum may opt out. The dentistry faculty Acta will have one fewer student.


The forum will meet for the first time on January 25 2018 and thereafter three times a year. It will be evaluated in the summer of 2019.