Foto: Daniël Rommens

Students asked to nominate their ‘Lecturer of the Year’

Willem van Ewijk,
16 februari 2017 - 13:19

UvA students are invited to nominate their favourite professors for the title ‘Lecturer of the Year.’

‘Up until now, the election has been too much of a beauty contest,’ ASVA chairman Henriëtte Hoogervorst tells Folia. ‘Whereas originally the idea was to help motivate professors to engage with their students on a personal level. To give something back.’


In nominating their favourites, students are asked to provide justification for their choices. These are then passed on to the professor as a sign of appreciation and support.


This year, the organising committees ASVA and CSR will also be running an intensive campaign around the voting. Each vote will be attributed a certain weight according to the number of students registered per course and the number of professors that teach that course.


Within two weeks the nominees will be revealed with a jury of students deciding on the winner at the beginning of April. The digital ballot box opened on Tuesday.